Affordable Wedding Planning Tips

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You don’t have to exhaust your fortune when planning for your wedding. There are a thousand and one things you can do to really save cost and at the same time have a wonderful wedding. This article will give you vital tips that will help you get affordable wedding planning.

– Self Design
One way by which you can get affordable wedding planning is through the design of your own dress and favors. Consider the amount of money you will save if you can personally design your own wedding dress. There is no doubt that thousands of dollars will definitely be saved. Moreover, you can use your favorite colors of votive candles and their holders to design the exquisite wedding favors that will grace your wedding reception.

– Shop in bulk
A lot of items that would be needed in your wedding can be purchased in bulk so that you will get the benefit of discount. Consider buying the foods, drinks and decorations from bulk warehouses instead of retail stores.

– Choose a natural location for

Top Wedding Planning Tips

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1.) Staying organized is the best thing you can do to make planning your wedding go smoothly. Purchase a nice three-ring binder (and a three hole punch) with dividers to keep all of your contracts and paperwork organized and easily accessible.

2.) When asking a friend or relative to be an attendant in your wedding, be sure to explain what his or her responsibilities will be up front. This will avoid confusion later on.

3.) Try to register for gifts four to six months before the wedding. This will allow guests to purchase items from your registry for pre-wedding events. The best time to register is on a weekday evening, when crowds are thinner. Be sure to go back to the store(s) and update your registry every so often, as many stores turn over their inventory on a regular basis.

***Never include registry information with the wedding invitation – this information needs to be spread by word-of-mouth or can be included at the bottom of the shower invitation.***

4.) It is a nice idea to provide a map of the ceremony/reception site(s) in

Great Wedding Favor Ideas For a Wedding Reception

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It requires a lot to cover every need of your wedding. Aside from making everything uniform or at least complement to the style of your wedding, you will also need to address them depending on the budget you have. There is a lot of important accessories you need for you wedding reception, and one of them are the wedding favors. Although it is not mandatory to give out wedding favors, but doing it is a good gesture to thank everyone who attended the most special day of your life.

How many people to invite and how much to spend?

The very first thing you need to consider before buying anything is to set a budget. After which, you have to keep in mind the number of people you want to invite. The equation would be: number of guests/your total budget = amount that you need to spend per favor. If you are on a tight budget, there are plenty of practical options to choose from, like DIY favor ideas, homemade treats, candles, soaps and many more. You can also shop online as products sold online

10 Amazing Wedding Planning Tips

Let’s talk about how we can save money and still plan an amazing wedding. You must decide on a date, place, how much to spend and many other stressful choices. In this article you will get 10 Amazing Wedding Planning Tips.

1. Manufacture and design your own wedding dress could save you thousands of dollars.

2. Designing your own wedding favors by using colorful votive candles with votive holders.

3. Go to bulk stores like Costco or Sam’s to get many different types of finger foods or to set up buffet style eating.

4. Using a friends or family member’s vintage car for the ride to and from the wedding.

5. Use an old barn or large field next to the river or close to the beach for the wedding reception.

6. Find a local band to play music at your wedding reception.

7. Place disposable indoor /outdoor camera at each table and have people take pictures though the night.

8. Find a wedding photographer that does both photo and video all in one package.

9. Find all your wedding decorations at discount stores like dollar generals or bulk

Simple Yet Essential Wedding Planning Tips

You will certainly want to have some wedding planning tips. In fact, you should try to make sure that your wedding will go as smoothly as you plan. As a result, it is very important for you to plan for it carefully.

One thing that couples are not able to handle is getting a balance between budget and their preferences. This is probably the most important piece of wedding planning tips. You have to consider your budget whenever you are choosing your wedding items. It will certainly be very good for you if you can purchase a designer wedding dress. However, it may not be good for your wallet and you have to think carefully before you buy.

Here are some other wedding planning tips you will need to know. First of all, you will have to create a checklist for your wedding planning about a year before your big day. In fact, you should start thinking about your checklist once you have decided to get married. You will probably need to arrange a meeting with your family members and talk about your big day. Of course you do not need to have detailed planning at

An Essential Wedding Planning Tip For Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

If you have decided to have your wedding ceremony outdoors, the best wedding planning tip you can be given is to consider the comfort of your guests. There are several different factors which can affect your guests’ comfort and enjoyment of the ceremony. The obvious factor is the weather.

Consider what kind of weather will be likely during the month and time of day you plan your outside wedding ceremony. Is your ceremony taking place in a desert locale where it will be unbearably sunny and hot? You may want to consider having some sort of misting system available to cool things off. Think about having the ushers hand out cold bottles of drinking water as your guests arrive. Depending upon the size and scope of your ceremony and guest list, it may be desirable to rent a large canopy and several large, electric fans.

Is it likely the weather will be cold and damp? Inform you guests, well in advance, they may need to bring warm clothing and they should layer their clothing. You can include a small insert inside the wedding invitation. Consider renting a large tent and portable heaters.

What will you

Some Wedding Planning Tips From a Wedding Planner

As a wedding planner, I found out directly myself how stressful planning a wedding can be. When I went to plan my own wedding, I thought it would be no problem but found even though I am in the business there are still some guidelines that need to be followed to create a successful wedding or special event. Thus, what I thought I would do is share some wedding planning tips with you to help relieve some of the party planning strains you may have on your special day. These helpful hints work for either a wedding or any other special event you may host.

Here are the tips you should keep in mind:

1. If you take photos or have a professional photographer, prior to the event, create a shot list of important memories you want from that day. Remember it’s a live event and you only get one take.

2. Create a timeline and be as exact as possible to ensure you have all aspects of your event in place prior to the start time.

3. Confirm your vendors 48 hours in advance. Don’t try and call them that day or the

Wedding Planning Tips Important Details Most Often Missed in Planning a Wedding

Weddings are important part of a couple’s celebration of love and marriage. Especially for women, weddings are special and most women want it to be perfect. If you are one of those who want your wedding to be smooth running and worry-free, here are some wedding planning tips that you might find useful in your preparations.

1. Setting realistic expectations. One of the most important wedding planning tips that you have to keep in mind first even before starting with your planning is to set realistic expectations of what you want. Sometimes, you may be overwhelmed of what you want. Most often, women want their wedding to be unique and some may even think of never-been-done-before ideas, which in the end, may lead to disappointments and expectations not met. Firstly, you have to set your mind only to what can be realistically done and separate your fantasies into reality.

2. Hiring a professional wedding planner. You may be planning to cut cost on your wedding and decide not to hire a professional to help you with the planning. Yes, you can ask a close friend or a family member to act as your planner but with

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning can be a difficult task. Even though most people know the basics of planning a wedding it can be very overwhelming, especially in the beginning. How do you deal with everything and get the planning done? Simple. Take a deep breath, relax and start at the beginning.

Announce The Engagement.

Announcing your engagement is pretty basic, once you get engaged it is time to tell everyone you know! This can be a pretty fun part of your engagement, announcing your future commitment and showing off your ring to all your friends and family. There are many ways you can announce your engagement. You can send out engagement announcements, have an engagement party or even use more modern forms of communication like telling the world of your upcoming nuptials on social networking sites.

Set The Date.

Being engaged is great, but there are differences between saying you are getting married, you are getting married next spring or you are getting married on May 18, 2011. Having a date makes it feel less abstract and more real. Setting the date of your wedding is one of the most important decisions to make in the

Easy to Read Wedding Planning Guide

Wedding Planning Guide Online:

In this article im going to give you a brief wedding planning guide: Here are some things you need to consider when it comes to planning your wedding:

-First pick a theme

-Set your budget

-decide whether you want to shop online or offline

-look around craft stores for deals on candles, decorations etc.

-Find a minister to marry you

-Decide on attendants and groomsmen

-Find dresses / Decide on Tuxedos

-Choose Flowers

-Choose Caterer and plan menu

-Budget & Guest List: Master Guest list, respondents, thank you notes, money saving tips, budget, schedules

-Ceremony: Invitations, ceremony ideas, church information, programs, readings, Reception: Location, food, cake, music/DJ

-Decorations: Flowers, centerpieces, favors, guestbook, memorial ideas, church decorations

-Clothing: Groom and bridal party, parents

-Bride: Gown, shoes, hair, makeup, accessories

-Photo /Video: Vendors must have pictures, video camera availability

-Registry: Wish list, registry lists, ideas

-Miscellaneous: Shower ideas, attendant gift ideas

One of the mot important things that people forget about when it comes to planning the wedding is checking with their mate to see what they

Wedding Gifts For the Couple

There are different types of gifts given during weddings, such as wedding gifts for the bride and groom, bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gifts. Often, when going out to shop for gifts, there are so many  choices to choose from, hence the process of finding the best become more difficult to do. Planning well in advance make the task easier. One should have a clear idea on what to buy before going to a shopping mall. Additionally, the chosen wedding gifts must be according to the budget.

Wedding Gifts For The Couple

Finding and purchasing wedding gifts for the couple can be a bit tricky sometimes. Fortunately, there are some tips to guide you when choosing gifts for the bride and groom. The first tip is to find something that is according to the couples likes, interests and hobbies. Think of their similarities or something they both have in common. Second, consider the quality of the gift. One of the components to make a good gift is its good quality. But it doesn’t mean you have to spend to much of your budget, as there are so many great deals of elegant gifts that are available at

Shopping for Wedding Supplies

Planning a wedding can be bloody expensive these days. Luckily, there are so many online stores today where you can find immeasurable choices of wedding supplies, at cheaper prices. Your wedding requires time, patience and of course money, but with the help of so many websites, you can plan your wedding and purchase your essential wedding supplies less stressful, fast and convenient.

Shopping online can help cut down the cost of getting married. In fact, you can save up to 75% off on your bridal accessories, reception supplies and other wedding novelties. Evey bride want to experience an extraordinary wedding, but it doesn’t mean they need to spend too much for that.

Most of today’s engaged couples prefer to shop online for their wedding supplies, because they can save a tremendous amount instead of shopping in a conventional way. Imagine the cost of today’s wedding, not to mention the other extra expenses cost by pre-wedding parties, one must anticipate this and be prepared not only financially, but mentally as well!

Thanks to online wedding stores, couples who are planning their wedding today can save a lot of dollars without sacrificing the quality of their big

Wedding Favors As Table Accessories

Aside from serving as wedding keepsakes, wedding favors can also be a part of the decorative accessories that can give a touch of accent onto the reception tables. Therefore, it is very important to choose wedding favors with proper care and attention.

When making homemade wedding favors, consider beautiful favor packaging. Start making homemade favors in advance so that you will have plenty of time to make the accessories more personal. In order to make personalized favor packaging, use personalized ribbons, or including your names and other wedding info. Hand printing can make a wonderful personal touch, but if it won’t work because you don’t have the best penmanship, use your computer and printer at home. You may also hire a professional calligrapher to do the job for you.

Consider wedding favors that are functional as well. Picture frames or place card holders that usually used to hold place cards can double as wedding favors at the end of the occasion. That idea can make a practical suggestion, especially for those couples who are on a tight budget.

Table centerpieces may also consist of several wedding favors. Also known as breakaway favor centerpieces, they are

Easy Steps When Choosing Wedding Favors

One of most significant parts of weddings are the favors. Your wedding is the most memorable day of your days and you want it to be celebrated and enjoyed together with your friends and loved ones. Now, to thank those people at the party, the most easiest way to do is to give out wedding favors. Although they are not mandatory, but selecting and purchasing such wedding items with care and attention will really help your wedding day more special and memorable to each of your guests.

Party favors have become a necessary item during occasions such as weddings, bridal showers, wedding showers and engagement parties and because of that, they now come in a wide range of selection that continue to increase significantly. Wedding favors come in various selections to match different kinds of wedding themes – be it formal or informal.

Because wedding favors are needed to be selected with proper care and attention, there are several ways to do that. Here are some easy steps when choosing wedding favors.

Consider the theme of the wedding

Planning a wedding can be a lot easier if you will follow a certain theme, which

What is the Best Wedding Dress For a Summer Wedding

How should the bride dress for a summer wedding? Traditional wedding dresses can be stiff, heavy and multi layered. You don’t want patches of perspiration appearing under your arms or on your back, so what kind of wedding gown should you choose to stay cool?

White or very pale colors are great in the heat. White radiates heat out instead of absorbing it. That is why many desert tribes wear white clothes and white head coverings. So you can stay with white but choose a lighter fabric if you wish.

One thing to remember is that stiff, lined fabric is not so likely to show damp patches even if you are very hot. The lining will absorb it. So in fact, it can work very well to have a lining on your dress. Just be sure the lining is made of a more absorbent fabric than the dress itself. This will also help you to stay cool and comfortable.

If you prefer an informal summer wedding dress, you can choose any color or style. Many brides choose a prom gown style of cut with a long loose skirt in a floral design or single pastel

Experts Top Picks For Gazebo Wedding Decorations

Gazebo wedding decorations are an important but often overlooked part of the planning of a wedding ceremony or reception in an outdoor or garden setting. Here you will find many different ideas for decorating the gazebo that will make it very clearly the center of your outdoor event.

The structure of a gazebo is perfect for a wedding, whether it be wooden, plastic or metal. It provides a central focus from which guests can move around the rest of the location. It allows the whole of the marriage to take place outside, while offering shelter if there should be a rain shower.

The posts and trellises that form the gazebo are ideal for all kinds of decorations and you can be very imaginative. Plan it well, look at a few examples and a simple summerhouse structure can blossom into the perfect romantic wedding location.

Beach Wedding Theme

Even if you are thousands of miles from the coast, you can have your very own beach style wedding by turning your gazebo into a seaside bower. Decorate with sea shells and an aqua and sand color scheme. Use dark green ribbon for seaweed. You could even

Weddings The Eternal Relationship

A wedding takes place when two people decide to stay together for their entire life. It is the ceremony which binds two people in one knot and even joins their families. Wedding is the traditional ceremony and custom that has been taking place from the very beginning that is from the ancient ages. This tradition and custom differs greatly between different cultures, countries, religions, groups, caste and even social classes. Wedding ceremonies Mostly takes place with the exchange of promises and vows by the two people that is the couple and the declaration of the wedding by a priest or the authority head or the leader.

The people who are invited to the wedding give their blessings to the newly wed couple in the form of presents, gifts, flowers, money and some symbolic item. These presents help the couple in starting their new life. Wedding in all the culture takes place with lots of rituals and ceremonies, lot of celebrations and glamour followed by the grand reception party for the newlywed couple. The wedding ceremony also includes music, prayers, readings from the religious books and poetry in order to officially declare to the society that the couple

Take Some Wedding Planning Tips From Celebrities Who Are Married

Celebrities who are still married are few and far between, but those who are have had some truly amazing weddings. If you are in the process of planning your own wedding, you might want to consider taking some tips from the celebrities who are happily married.

One of the first tips to remember is that less is not more when it comes to celebrity weddings. ‘The bigger the better’ is normally the motto that these couples choose to stick with throughout their theme. If you have the budget, you can afford to be lavish when it comes to the decisions that you make. Some celebs have been known to spend $40,000.00 on flowers alone. Now, you probably do not have the budget to go this over the top, but one tip that you can take from the stars is the fact that the flowers are an important aspect at your wedding. Make sure that you have flower arrangements that not only complement the rest of your décor, but that also smell delicious.

Two is better than one. Some famous couples have not only indulged in two outfits, but two whole ceremonies, too! It is extremely common

Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips You Must Read

Planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting and rewarding things that you will ever do in your lifetime, however it can also be extremely stressful! Studies show that staying organized reduces stress by up to fifty percent! Who can argue with these numbers? The key to success is to stay organized and keeping your eye on the prize. Below are tips to help you stay organized while planning your special day.

1. Timing is everything: begin planning as early as possible so that you can prioritize the tasks that are important at a specific time. Concentrating on all aspects of an event during the same time can make your head feel like it wants to explode!

2. Visualize the end result: When trying to plan the perfect event the first step is to just sit back and think about the type of an event that you are trying to create. Brainstorming sessions are one of the best ways to get an authentic idea of the type of wedding that you would want to create.

3. Watch your budget: remember that pulling off an amazing event with unlimited resources is easy. Pulling of

Wedding Planning Tips For Couples Who Have No Idea Where to Begin

As you can imagine, planning a wedding takes a lot of time to organize. Everything has to be considered. You have to ensure that your dress fits, the venue is reserved, the bridesmaids have their gowns, the floral arrangements are in place, the DJ or band is booked, the guests are confirmed, and a lot more. This will be the biggest day of your life!

One of the best ways to make sure everything is planned out and organized the way you want it to be is to hire a wedding planner. Even though they can be expensive, most experienced wedding planners have a ton of skill in making your special day one that you will never forget. And plus, they can take away the stress of planning a wedding on your own so that you can relax during this entire process.

However, if you cant fit a wedding planner into your budget, there are ways that you can manage planning a wedding on your own. One of the best ways to do this is to make a checklist. Here you want to think of all the tasks that needs to be carried out a few